Hospital CIMA San José

Sep 14th 2011

Modern hospital near the capital

One of the better hospitals in the country, CIMA► is a very modern facility that opened in 2000, near the upscale suburb of Escazú, about half an hour from downtown San José.

Rumor has it that CIMA was built to work as a hotel if it failed as a hospital, and with its marble-floored foyer, glass-bricked administrative offices, and the white tablecloths in the cafeteria, CIMA does indeed resemble a tasteful, upscale chain hotel.

Downstairs, you'll find the emergency room, the outpatient clinic, and the big guns of medical technology: a cardiac cath lab, CAT scans, sonograms, X-rays, and an open MRI.

Upstairs are the patient rooms and nurses' stations, with watercolors and landscapes decorating the walls. Rooms feature everything that most San José private clinics offer--cable TV, phone, adjustable bed, private bath, safety deposit box, and a daybed for overnight guests--but on a grander scale.

Of 58 beds, four are equipped for neonatal care, six are in the Intensive Care Unit, and six are suites (all patient rooms are private).

CIMA stands for Centro Internacional de Medicina, and there are 10 CIMA hospitals in Latin America, including facilities in Mexico and Brazil. All are owned and managed by International Hospital Corp. in Texas.

It's clear that the equipment here is up-to-the-minute, from the X-ray machines to the computers at the front desk. You can arrive unannounced with diagnosis in hand, speak with the admissions department about the surgery you require, and soon have a written, signed estimate of how much your stay here would cost.

CIMA works with all most of the major international insurance companies.

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